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ZenaSwimwear stocks hundreds of different colored solid and print fabrics. You have the ability to choose any fabric to design a ZenaSwimwear Suit. At ZenaSwimwear we update the fabrics yearly, by adding approximately 20 new colors and prints to the ZenaSwimwear Collection. We purchase our Prints in limited quantities, once the fabrics are sold out they are gone; thus keeping the Fabrics fresh and updated each year. ZenaSwimwear goes to great lengths to ensure that our website pictures accurately represent the beautiful swimwear fabrics that we use. Unfortunately, the web processes are not perfect and it is technically impossible to accurately reproduce some colors. If you are unsure of the Fabrics and Colors, ZenaSwimwear does send out Free fabric samples. To order samples You can click on the Free Fabrics Sample form link above and fill out the form. We allow up to three (3) free swatches per customer.

99% of the Solid fabrics ZenaSwimwear does use are a Matte finish, meaning that the fabric does not have any shine to it. We have chosen to work with these fabrics because A Matte Finish tends to hide more imperfections on the body.
Metallic fabrics are Nylon Lycra with a metallic overlay. These overlays have gotten stronger over the years but are still subject to flaking and dulling. Special care should be given to these suits which are made more for their look and less for their durability.
Neon and Bright colored fabrics (orange, yellow, lime greens and hot pinks); fade more quickly than any other fabric. These fabrics are the most sensitive to sunlight of all the fabrics.
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A general rule for good swimsuit flattery is to use darker colors on areas you would like to slim and understate and lighter and brighter colors on areas you would like to highlight (this rule also applies to general fashion). While a black swimsuit will likely do the trick for slimming your body, you may be able to do even better by using swimsuit colors wisely. For example, if you would like to de-emphasize your hips, try pairing dark red, blue, or black bikini bottoms with a light-colored bikini top. The light color will draw attention and eyes toward your bust and away from your hips. Another good slimming trick is to look for a Tankini in a generally bright color with darker insets on the sides. The insets will make your figure look thinner and more toned

When looking at prints, pay attention to the color, size, and placement of the print. Prints on a darker background are more slimming. In addition, prints with allover swirls will stop the eye from focusing on any one area of the body.

While shiny fabrics will make the body seem larger, non-shiny, flat, matte style fabrics will slim the body the most. If you do like the idea of shine or sparkle in a swimsuit but not the enlarging effects, look for a shiny bikini in a muted or otherwise dark color. You can also add the shine to the contrasting trim. All of Zenaswimwear's solid Fabrics are a matte finish Nylon lycra..

White and Other Light colored Fabrics:
No matter what you line a white suit with; it will slightly be see through. Yellows, light blues, light pinks and lavenders are also a problem. Use your judgment when ordering a suit in one of these colors. If we are offering a light colored fabric on our internet site it will be lined appropriately. However, if you have very dark skin it still might be a problem. As well, these fabric colors are a mistaken choice for someone who swims in the ocean, lakes or streams. These suits will stain easily in muddy type water.

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Please Note:
As the customer you can use and match any fabric as a trim together with your base suit color. Your imagination is what makes a unique swimsuit. You donít just have to pair a solid with a print; you can also combine prints to design your own one of a kind suit. The PDF Fabric Matching & Guide above is a reference for customers who would like a color pairing, and not necessarily a design suggestion.

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