zena custom swimwear
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Effective April 10, 2021 Due to Increased Volume, Orders will be delayed an extra 7-8 working days.
$69 | String Danica
ZenaSwimwear String Tops
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Zena Custom Swimwear Zena Custom Swimwear  

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Triangle Top--Fully lined front with Double string neck ties which taper into Soft Fabric Neck Ties. Narrow 3/8 inch elastic encased Ribcage ties.
  • Two Types of Molded cups (+$15/$20)
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Trim or Contrasting fabric areas (Optional)
  • Neck Straps(+$5)
  • Ribcage Straps(+$5)
Required.Required. Chest bust measurement
Required.Required.Chest bust measurement
Required.Required.bust in inches zena
Required.Required.Zena Ribcage in inches
Required.Required. Zena Cross Breast
Required.Required. ZenaBust Depth
Molded Cups (option)
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With light support and a sleek, smooth appearance. They are designed to mold  and lift the silhouette of your breast. They are seamless creating a smooth line, most Idyllic for shaping your breast. Made of foam, they are sewn or placed into pockets of the swimsuit top, depending on the style of the suit. There are two types.

1 Soft single layer approx 1/8 inch thick

2 Firm Double layer approx 1/4 inch thick

Cookies or Pads Add Soft Molded Cups (+$15)
Add Firm Molded Cups (+$20)
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beadsAdd Beads
You have the Option of adding Silver or Transparent beads.

3 Center Bust Beads


Please Choose Your color

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Suit Fabric
Please select a valid item. Please select a valid item. Please select an item.
Trim Color (optional)
Trim or Binding is an Optional contrast Fabric item which can be changed, added or altered on your suit. You are able to use any of the fabrics that ZenaSwimwear carries. If you do not care to add any binding or trim please leave the trim select boxes blank.
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Choose a Fabric and apply to areas of choice below. Please leave blank if you do not want any contrasting fabric.
Add to NeckStraps(+$5)
Add to Ribcage Elastic (+$5)
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Here you may add notes, customizations or directions for your custom suit.
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If shopping cart does not show up after you Press the Place order Button please scroll upwards and see what items you have missed which might be required.
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ZenaSwimwear Suits are hand made and constructed in 10-11 working days. This does not include Shipment times. See: Shipping & Delivery
Once billing and credit information has been authorized and verified, construction of your suit will fall on the following business day. If you order more than one complete suit (3 or more pieces) please add 2 more business days to the construction time above.

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